K & L's specialty fleet delivers in a sensitive scenario

Case Study:  Specialty Truck Fleet

Industry: Pharmaceuticals



 A global pharmaceutical manufacturer was in a difficult, time-sensitive situation. It needed two pallets of temperature-controlled clinical trial pharmaceuticals picked up from the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in under an hour, and then delivered directly to its facility in Indiana... 300 miles away.


But that’s not all. Once at the facility, the manufacturer needed to immediately reload the truck with additional delicate materials and have it delivered right back to the airport. 


K & L Freight Management was called on to deliver the time- and material-sensitive loads by utilizing its industry-leading specialty truck fleet. 


Understanding the highly urgent nature of the request, the K & L team quickly evaluated the situation and decided that its own specialty fleet was ideal for this scenario. A specially equipped refrigerated sprinter was sent for the job—a strategic choice because it is a truck that’s not subject to ELD mandates. Simply put, this meant the sprinter safely had enough hours for the entirety of the delivery and pickup, as well as the second delivery back to the airport. 


The fact that every K & L driver is TSA Certified also meant that the truck and driver were legally able to drop off shipments at one of the world’s busiest airports with no problem at all. 



The depth, scope and range of K & L’s specialty truck fleet allowed for this job to run as smoothly as possible. Most importantly, it meant that the global pharmaceutical manufacturer was able to safely transport its sensitive loads without worry or impact to its business and timelines.