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K & L is the gold standard when it comes to freight brokers. From a carrier perspective, we cannot be any more satisfied working with K & L. The commitment to honesty, quality, and relationships is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cut-throat industry, and their crew has been instrumental in keeping our trucks running during the slow season when freight has dried up. Here is to many more years of a successful relationship!
Infinity Carriers
I really enjoy working with K & L and never had any issues with them. They’re very professional and polite to work with.
Yesing International LLC
We have been working with K & L for more than 6 years and they have been a pleasure to work with. Very honest brokerage and they pay quickly on all loads.
Vilano Inc
We would like to work with more companies like this. They will tell you every single detail of the load, they care about the carriers, and they give better rates than other companies. We work with Nick all the time and never had a problem with communication. All payments were on time. We look forward to continuing to build this great business relationship.
Floyd Logistics
Very professional and reliable brokerage. We do enjoy working with K & L. I definitely would recommend them to all carriers.
BG 011 LLC
Very great company to work with! Always keeping up good rates, good customer service. Nice brokerage team. Tony rocks! Will recommend to everyone to do business with this company!
PYH Express