Small trucks for big problems

Case Study: Strategic Capacity Solutions

Industry: Food Grade



Many companies execute marketing programs aligned with the different seasons and holidays in order to drive incremental revenue. However, when one Fortune 100 global fast food company created a Halloween sticker promotion, it ran into an unanticipated, difficult distribution problem. 


With its sticker shipments produced in bulk and with each of its distribution centers only requiring a few pallets, the fast food company realized a need to source a transportation solution that was both time and cost effective; the traditional options of less than load (LTD) and direct full-truck load were respectively too slow and too expensive—making them both not viable options.


The company turned to K & L Freight Management’s Strategic Capacity Solutions to identify and source an efficient delivery alternative.


Analyzing the mileage and cost limitations of traditional transportation options, K & L employed its nationwide network of efficient small trucks—sprinters, straight trucks and more—to strategically handle the deliveries. 


By placing two trucks on standby at each of the four production plants, K & L was able to have its drivers deliver loads immediately after production. And since the sprinters and small straight trucks required were not subject to ELD mileage mandates, shipments could be handled far more quickly, without any costly time restrictions. 



The insight of the Fortune 100 fast food company to bring in K & L’s Strategic Capacity Solutions team paid off handsomely. The small trucks strategy resulted in an estimated overall cost savings of 40 percent, alongside a 30 percent faster per load delivery average. 


It’s safe to say, K & L successfully protected the company’s Halloween promotion and, in turn, both its top and bottom lines.