K & L Freight prevents production line shutdown for domestic manufacturer

Case Study: On Demand Solution

Industry: Food Product



Facing a potential production line shutdown due to the delayed delivery of intermediate materials from their contracted carrier, a global soup manufacturer was in need of a shipment recovery. The situation was extremely time sensitive, as each hour its production line was down could cost the manufacturer an estimated $21,000–a financial hit the company greatly wanted to avoid. 


K & L Freight Management was called on to step in and implement its On-Demand Solution services to manage the supply chain risk in a timely and cost-effective fashion. 



Understanding the importance of preventing a production line shutdown, K & L quickly responded. They took on the load assignment and communicated with key parties in the supply chain to ensure delivery of essential goods within the necessary time constraints.


A driver team was assigned as K & L worked directly with the soup manufacturer’s can provider to confirm all load details and actual ready times for the load recovery. As delivery was underway, live updates were provided every two hours through advanced tracking technology and data sourcing. 



Production was met, the supply chain kept intact, and a costly shutdown avoided. By calling on K & L and its customized On-Demand Solution services, the soup manufacturer was able to successfully avoid a potentially disastrous situation. As a result, its business and customer relationships were undamaged and its bottomline kept stable.