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Twenty-three years of excellence

Letter from our Founder

It all started back in February 1997, when I started K & L Freight as an expedited service provider. Our customers were trusting K & L with their important, time-sensitive shipments, so maintaining a high level of on-time service was our number one priority. Through this dedication to service, “The K & L Way” was born.  Our shipments were all time critical and late delivery was simply not an option, so we developed no fail procedures to ensure the operations of our customers were not disrupted.  To this day, “The K & L Way” dictates that we provide service while putting the needs of the customers first, some of whom who have been with us for 23+ years. In fact, you could say that “The K & L Way” is our heartbeat.


Even as we expanded our services to include dry and reefer full truck loads in 2003 at the request of our customers, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction were given the highest importance, and excuses of any kind were not tolerated. Due to this kind of dedication to customer service and intimacy, we never had to fear any competition, simply because there was none that could match us.  While others put only revenues and profits in their sights, our focus was and continues to only be customer satisfaction and will remain that way in the future.


It is my vision for K & L to always put customer needs first and foremost while pursuing our mission of providing first-class solutions with transparency and competitive rates.  As the founder and owner, it is my perpetual promise to our customers that we will never lose focus of
“The K & L Way” and that we will continually drive toward helping our customers succeed. 


Thank you. 




Russell Gallemore